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El Mirador Jungle Tour

A 5 day hike under the Mayan jungle to discover one of the most important cities of the Mayan pre-classic. The possibilities of encounters with tropical fauna and learning about the use of forest resources transmitted by community guides make this trip a fantastic adventure.

The road is long, and although the terrain is undulating and easy, the climatic conditions of the two seasons that manifest in the region make this trip classified as high effort.

The rainy season lasts from May to the end of October; during this period, the terrain is muddy, making walking difficult. The prevailing temperature and humidity influence travelers.

Dry season runs from the beginning of November to the end of April; During this season, high temperatures and humidity make hiking a real challenge.

El Mirador is located within the tropical jungle approximately 330 kilometers north of Guatemala City and 7 kilometers south of the Guatemala-Mexico border, in the province of Petén.

The site is located 105 kilometers northwest of Tikal. The site is within a tropical forest that extends around the area in a region of geological structure that involves small undulating hills of calcareous rock mixed with lowlands.

Despite this inhospitable environment, the place is one of the most remarkable in the Mayan World. The urban area of El Mirador extends between 10 and 15 square kilometers.

The temples of El Mirador are the most impressive temples ever built by the ancient Mayans. The center of the old city was divided into two groups, the west group, and the Danta complex or east group.

The Danta complex comprises the Acropolis, temples,  terraces, and domestic plazas. All are connected and bounded by a system of walls and causeways.


  • We Visit: Community of Carmelita, El Nacimiento Camp site, El Mirador National Park.

Characteristic of the route:

  • Effort: high
  • Route: Mixed, the first part in a vehicle, then walks or horseback
  • Characteristic of the traveler: People with excellent physical condition, capacity to ride horses and walk
  • State of the land: wavy land and, in the rainy season, very muddy
  • Daily distances: 35 Km. (8 hrs. Approximately)
  • Humidity average: 85%
  • Temperature average: 36 degrees centigrade
  • Size of the group: 12 people maximum


  • Round trip transportation from Flores to Carmelita community
  • 4 nights of lodging in campsites (includes tents, mattresses, and sleeping bags)
  • All meals (4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners, purified water)
  • Trip according to the program
  • The local tour guide, support during the whole journey (Spanish speaking only)
  • Horses to carry the stuff
  • First aid kit

Not Included:

  • Services not mentioned in the final itinerary
  • Gratuities
  • Horse to ride

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    El Mirador Jungle Tour: Day-by-Day Itinerary

    Day 1: Departure at 5:00 a.m. toward the community of Carmelita – El Tintal

    On the first day of this jungle adventure, you will head to the community of Carmelita. Carmelita has located 83 km from the island of Flores within the forestal Concession of the same name, with an extension of  53.797 Hectares, in the northwest province of Petén.

    You can find essential natural and archaeological treasures that integrate the famous touristic route Carmelita – Mirador in this destination.

    In the community are around 385 inhabitants in 64 families, having sustainable forest management, subsistence farming, and tourism as primary economic activities.

    In addition to the extraction of the Xate (palm leaves employed for decorative purposes), the Chewing Gum, and the Black Pepper. 

    Arrive at Carmelita at 9:00 a.m. after unpacking and breakfast; you will start the  Jungle walk to El Tintal, an 18-kilometer hike (5-6 hours).

    Horses will be ready to carry your luggage, and you will have a boxed lunch on the way to the site.

    El Tintal is a campsite within the archeological place of 9 kilometers of extension with over 850 structures reported.

    The main buildings of El Tintal are the Eneken and the Isla Complex.

    From the Eneken, observing the Pyramid of La Danta in the El Mirador site and structure No.1 of Nakbé is possible.

    The observation point is around 300 meters from the Tintal Campsite and about 60 meters in height.

    On your arrival, time to rest, set the camping and explore the surroundings.

    Dinner will be served at the El Tintal campsite.

    Good night.

    Day 2 El Tintal  to El Mirador

    Jungle morning wake-up call.

    Breakfast will be served at the El Tintal campsite.

    After breakfast, begin your jungle walk towards El Mirador; this is eight hrs. Hike, about 23 kilometers.

    The walk under the tropical forest is a unique opportunity to discover the secret of this thousand-year-old jungle that inhabits a variety of neotropical flora and fauna.

    It also allows visitors to encounter large troops of Hawler and Spider monkeys, birds, reptiles, rare insects, and good luck, some cats like jaguars or pumas.

    On route, we will enjoy a boxed lunch.

    On our arrival, we will set our camping time for resting and experiencing the jungle of El Mirador.

    Dinner served at the campsite

    Good night.

    Day 3 Exploring El Mirador Archaeological Site

    Jungle morning wake-up call.

    Breakfast will be served at the El Mirador campsite.

    After breakfast, time to explore the city of El Mirador.

    Begin your archaeological adventure by visiting the Los Monos group, just 10 minutes from your camp.

    Then go to the Garra de Jaguar structure, located about 10 minutes from the Monos group; these structures expose large painted masks about three meters long and two meters wide.

    Afterward,  continue to the El Tigre pyramid; this structure is a great spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset.

    According to the archaeologist, it is believed that the last battle of the Mayans of El Mirador against the Teotihuacan took place around this structure.

    Later, visit the magnificent Central Acropolis, specifically Structure 313; here, you will observe five construction phases.

    In the background, the Mayan channels used for water distribution are located.

    On a lateral side of the El Tigre pyramid, you will find a phenomenal panel that depicts the twin brothers, part of the Creation of the universe according to Mayan mythology.

    Based on the time, it is possible to visit other on-site structures.

    For example, it is time to explore the Pava complex, with altars where Mayans celebrate their sacred ceremonies after lunch.

    Next, we were heading for the Great  Pyramid of La Danta.

    The largest Pyramid of the Ancient Mayan World, mainly in volume and rises to more than 70 meters in height; the base is a little over the size of 5 football stadiums.

    Then it’s time to climb this impressive Mayan structure, which will grant you an exceptional 360-degree view over a green sea of ​​tropical forest.

    Dinner will be served at the El Mirador campsite.

    Good night.

    Days 4 & 5

    Jungle morning wake-up call.

    Breakfast will be served at the El Mirador campsite.

    At 07:00 a.m., we will begin our jungle walk back to Carmelita in the same way.

    After this jungle adventure, you will feel satisfied having seen the impressive archaeological site of El Mirador, a unique and unforgettable journey into the heart of the Mayan world.

    You will return quiet, perhaps for fatigue. Still, at the bottom, you felt incredibly privileged to have known an extraordinary place.

    Finally, you will ask if there is the possibility of being again able to return to this fascinating natural and cultural paradise.


    We suggest the following list of the equipment that in our opinion works best on our trips. However, it is not mandatory or exhaustive, so we encourage you to make all kinds of suggestions and queries, we remain at your entire disposal to listen to them.

    Small Backpack with:

    • Comfortable Long Pants (quick dry)
    • Comfortable Shorts (quick dry)
    • Long-sleeved Shirts (quick-dry)
    • Lightweight Raincoat
    • Fleece Jackets
    • Cap or Hat
    • Hiking boots (if you plan to bring a new shoes, we recommend that you wear them at least a week before the start of the trip, to get used to them)
    • Flip Flops
    • Binoculars
    • Flashlight and extra batteries
    • Portable Power bank (solar is better)
    • Insect Repellent
    • Prescription or daily use medications
    • Personal Items
    • Small Towel
    • Utility Knife
    • Canteen

    Have Any Questions?

    Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to talk to you.

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