Tailor made toursEnjoy the flexibility, providing by our tailor made Tours in Guatemala.

Our local-travel experts will design a personalized itinerary in accordance with your preferences based on your travel interest, time and budget, in order to enjoy unique experiences and share a lifetime memory with family and friends.

Tailor-made Tours:

This alternative of the tour is for the people that wish to make an itinerary in compliance with their specific wishes like the type of hotel, transportation, sites to visit, schedules, and total flexibility.

Benefits of a tailor-made tour:

  1. Start your journey at any date to your convenience
  2. Choose the length of your trip itinerary and budget
  3. Planning the tour with hotels and visits to destinations in which you are interested.
  4. Enjoy a specialized and exclusive guide’s services for you in accord with the interests of your journey
  5. Enjoy comfortable transportation that operates only for you.
  6. Travel to your rhythm that adapted with the flexibility of your style of tour.
  7. Ideal for people with a disability or groups of families with young children needs help personalized, like older adults.

Private Tours & Packages:

A private tour package is operated exclusively for you, your friends, or your family group. This service develops by an itinerary previously established that you found on our website or catalog of journeys.

Our private journeys offer a series of possibilities where you will be able to enjoy the intimacy of your group without the need to share with strangers.

  1. You can begin your journey at your convenience.
  2. Enjoy the flexibility of schedules
  3. The eaten and the programs of these you can fix to your convenience
  4. The guide and driver are ready for you exclusively
  5. A comfortable vehicle exclusively for you
  6. Travel in your style and pace with the flexibility
  7. Private tours are ideal for people with special needs, like the elderly, people with handicaps or families with young children, or travelers that do not like to share with strangers

At Martsam Travel for more than 25 years, we have specialized in creating tailor-made trips in Guatemala and Mesoamerica.

We have assembled a team of Guatemalan and Mesoamerican specialists who are characterized by commitment, professionalism, creativity, knowledge, and a passion for sharing the culture, nature, and history of their land.

In addition to the sales and operations team, we have the support of best tour guides who have dedicated their time to discover the secrets of the destinations where we operate our trips. This guarantees that each tour will be led by the person who meets your requirements.

We also have a team of experienced vehicle drivers who will make you feel comfortable while enjoying your vacation. For more than 25 years, we have spent our time exploring destinations, carefully choosing accommodations and properties.

We have established a relationship of trust with the different actors in each destination, such as non-governmental organizations dedicated to the conservation and protection of natural resources, associations of women weavers, agricultural and culinary projects, associations of sustainable community guides, and projects for the conservation of wildlife, museums, and art private collections, among others.

Mesoamerica is a geohistorical term to refer to the territory that pre-Hispanic civilizations occupied. Mesoamerica is located in the area of the southern half of present-day Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and western Honduras, and Nicaragua.

This region has beautiful natural and cultural treasures for travelers looking to discover the past of ancient peoples, their beliefs and customs, as well as the rich tropical environment that surrounds them and inhabited by millions of species of flora and fauna. Also, its ecosystems and natural formations such as rivers, lakes, seas, volcanoes, etc., are perfect destinations for adventure.

Some of our specialties

Cultural Expeditions:

exploration and encounters with Mesoamerican communities and peoples descended from Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs or Mexicas. Discover its markets, production of textiles, jade, and crafts.


Depending on your travel date we can match it with one of the different festivals and celebrations


Visit important centers, pre-Hispanic sites, some declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, like Tikal in Guatemala. Visit museums and galleries to discover pre-Hispanic art.

Culinary exercises

Discover roots of main dishes of each region, many of them identified as a culinary syncretism due to the mixture of ingredients from different origins, also the shapes, and utensils to prepare them.

Discover the origins of our award-winning coffee and chocolate


Climb active volcanoes, navigate tropical lakes and rivers. Discover the beauty of the Mesoamerican Caribbean that includes the second largest coral reef on the planet.

Walks in search of lost Mayan cities in the rain forest

Helicopter or air balloon tours to discover and photograph the beauty of Mesoamerica through the eyes of the bird.


Photographic and birdwatching and nature trips

Learn a new language, Spanish classes in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala.

These are some of the ideas that we can customize to make your adventure a life experience.

Contact us, and one of our local specialists will help you plan your next vacation.