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Tailor-made Tours & Vacation Packages

Our specialty at Martsam Travel is helping travelers who prefer to tailor their trips, adding our personal touch by providing all the travel arrangements with creativity, flexibility, and experience.

The best way to plan a vacation is with the help of a local specialist—a planning process where travelers share their preferences, travel schedule, and budget to our native travel advisors, so we can design the ideal holiday that suits your interest. Here you will find the best travel ideas that you can book as described or propose changes to help us design the perfect itinerary that matches your expectations.

How much does a trip with Martsam Travel cost?

The price depends on your preferences, your holiday style, type of accommodation, and the season of the year to travel. But do not worry; we can add, remove, modified, and design those fantastic vacations based on your budget. We will advise you to get the best of each destination and a local Price. As a destination based tour operator, we have established a relationship of time and trust for more than 25 years with our suppliers allowing us to have access to the best prices, services, and activities, accommodation during our tours and packages rank from 3-star hotels, jungle lodges, boutique hotels, and luxury properties.

Adventure Tours Guatemala – Who we are

Martsam Travel is a reliable Tour Operator with 25+ successful years in the travel industry of the Mesoamérica region.

We specialize in creating travel packages, adventure tours, jungle treks, family holidays, cultural tours, archaeological expeditions, and specialties such as birding, photography, and wildlife expeditions, from day trips to multi-day itineraries, designed to fulfill the most demanding expectations of the adventurous travelers. Our Tailored Travel Packages are Ideal for families, individuals, couples, and small groups looking for Authentic experiences and trips to disconnect from the daily routine, relax, learn, discover living cultures and their customs, and to have encounters with wildlife and contact with nature or just for the adrenaline of adventure.

What we don’t do at Martsam Travel:

We never cross the line that compromises quality with price. We do not jeopardize the possibility for travelers to live the best possible experience.

Feel free to explore our website, call us, write to our email, or request a call from our specialists; we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions. Remember that a well-planned vacation takes time, and you deserve the best.

Adventure Tours Guatemala

Tikal Sunrise & Sunset Tour
Tikal is not a simple tour… is an unique and authentic experience!

Our tours in Tikal are more than a simple visit to an archaeological site. It is an immersion into one of the most impressive cultures in the world, the Maya Civilization.

Projects of restoration that started in 1956 have given as a result a representation of Tikal in its maximum splendor that at the present time amaze each visitor allowing them to move around its causeways and avenues through plazas, palaces, and temples perceiving the energy of this magnificent city-state that inhabited one of the most surprising civilizations of the planet.

Besides the cultural richness is the natural surroundings, a magnificent tropical rainforest that inhabits a wide variety species of flora and fauna that will be part of your experience through the world of the green mystery.

Unique Local Experiences

Guatemala is probably the most vibrant travel destination of Central America; here you will have the opportunity to experience a genuine immersion into The Mayan World.

You will be guided by our qualified tour guides, specialized in every destination.

You will be led to a cultural adventure to get involved with our live culture composed of 22 ethnical groups, colorful markets, beliefs, customs, feasts and an enigmatic Cosmovision.

Impressive Maya sites dropped in the middle of Central America rainforest, including Tikal, El Mirador, Yaxha, Uaxactun, Copan, Quirigua, Takalik Abaj, Ceibal, Aguateca and Dos Pilas amongst others.

Small Groups Tours

We have designed a collection small group tours, which takes you, as part of a group or a private experience. discover beautiful natural and cultural vacation destinations inside of the Mayan World.

Cultural Encounters, archaeological excursions, birding, nature and adventure.

Very affordable small group adventures to ensure you will delight as much as possible every one of the activities and to experience a close connection with our expert tour guides and leaders which lead our excursions and journeys.

Explore our programs and book your seats. Our trips begin having a minimum of two travelers and a maximum of 12 guests.

Martsam Travel

25+ successful years arranging truly memorable journeys in Guatemala with professionalism, reliability, responsibility, and flexibility.

Offering you a real value which means much more for your money having a personalized assistance at a local price.

We will get you through multi-colored scenery, unique locations and selected hotels and properties situated in the most inspiring spots of Guatemala as well as the Mayan world also qualified tour guides and comfortable and safe transport.

Our enthusiastic local travel specialists will supply you an immediate assistance with a fast answer to your queries to resolve your concerns

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