Guatemala Adventure Vacations


All tour packages are 100% customizable and work perfectly for independent travelers, Family vacations, and group holidays.

Our multi-day trips and travels are interactive journeys that offer you an outstanding level of independence, exploring must-see destinations. As well, we easily match Off the Beaten Path, discovering areas you can not go easy on your own.

Guatemala is a fascinating destination for adventurer travelers. The country is located in the core of the American continent and only a few hours’ flights from the USA.

Different regions and exotic destinations with particular geography offer several options for adventurous activities such as Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan, Tikal, Quetzaltenango, The Cuchumatanes, Ixil Region, Las Verapaces, Rio Dulce, The Caribbean, and the Pacific Ocean among other.

There is a well developed touristic infrastructure inside protected areas such as the Mayan Biosphere, biotopes, national parks, and private reserves, also sustainable projects developed by the communities, providing to travelers many attractions with unique scenery.

The whole country proposed a different way to explore it, such as cultural immersion, birding trips, biking, volcano hiking, camping, zip-lining, photography, jungle treks, wildlife expeditions, archaeology sustainable coffee tour, culinary experience, chocolate factory tour, and several activities involving local communities and conservation projects, among other.

Guatemala possesses incredible ecosystems with abundant wildlife, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, caves, and beaches that joined with our ethnic diversity constitute a mystic destination of magic and adventure.

The biological diversity of Guatemala placed it in the top countries with the greatest diversity of natural resources in the world. Millions of species reside in their varied ecosystems, birds, mammals like the jaguar and tapir, and a great variety of fish, reptiles, and insects live in the tropical jungles and seas.

Our commitment to sustainability in the destinations where we operate supporting the communities within the reserves and ecological projects is an alternative that contributes to stopping the deterioration of our natural and cultural resources.

A handpicked collection of accommodations that go from standard to high-end, including jungle lodges, boutique hotels to luxury properties located in inspiring locations.

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Antigua Biking Tour

Antigua Guatemala Biking Tour

Our biking tours in Antigua
Adventure Tour

Adventurer Guatemala

Adventurer Guatemala 12 days active tour in Guatemala that includes adventure activities ranging from biking, hiking, zip Lining, rafting, caving,
12 Days

Las Guacamayas Biological Station

3 days and two-night jungle adventure, especially for nature
3 days
estacion mini

El Peru Adventure Tour

El Peru Adventure Tour Laguna del Tigre - Las Guacamayas Biological Station Sanctuary of the flying fire Laguna del Tigre
2 days
Rafting Mini

Caves and Rafting Tour

Caves and Rafting Tour Lanquin Caves Rafting in Cahabon River Semuc Champey Waterfalls 3 days and 2 nights Tour Itinerary:
3 days

Acatenango One Day Tour

Acatenango One Day Tour Today our tour starts at 5:00 am with a one-hour drive from Antigua to La Soledad
1 Day

Acatenango 2 Days Hiking Trip

Acatenango 2 Days Hiking Trip This Volcano hiking trip is one of the most exciting Volcano experiences hiking through the
2 days

Pacaya Volcano Overnight Tour

Pacaya Volcano Overnight Tour Day 1 14:00 hrs. Departure from our hotel in Antigua Guatemala to the foothills of Pacaya
2 days

Rock climbing in Amatitlan

Rock climbing in Amatitlan 07:00 am ground transfer to Peñon de Amatitlan for about an hour from Antigua Guatemala. This
1 Day

Cerro Quemado Quetzaltenango Tour

Climbing Cerro Quemado in Quetzaltenango
2 days