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El Peru Adventure Tour

Laguna del Tigre – Las Guacamayas Biological Station
Sanctuary of the flying fire

Laguna del Tigre National Park protects an important sample of Tropical Humid Forest that hosts Mesoamerica’s most extensive freshwater wetlands.

Las Guacamayas Biological Station is located on the shores of the San Pedro River, and it constitutes a remote destination for researchers, naturalists, bird watchers, students, and anyone else who may be seeking a direct and comfortable contact with nature.

It is one of the unique places in Guatemala where the Scarlet Macaw may be observed in its natural habitat.

The archaeological site El Peru is found inside the park; this city was called Waka’ by its original inhabitants. It controlled the important commercial route of cocoa and textiles over the San Pedro River, for a long period of time.

Waka’ played a very important role in the constant rivalry between the two monumental cities of Tikal and Calakmul, as it was conquered by Tikal.



    Round trip transportation from Flores to Paso Caballos Community
    Round trip boat ride from Paso Caballos-Biological Station-El Peru-Paso Caballos
    Lodging at the Biological Station
    All meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, purified water)
    Tour to the archaeological site El Peru
    Nighttime Aquatic excursion
    Indigenous communitarian tour guide
    English speaking tour guide (Optional)
    First aid kit

El Peru Adventure Tour

Additional information

Route:Mixed, first part in vehicle 4×4, then by boat and walks
Characteristic of the traveler:People with good physical condition accustomed to walk more or less 3 hours daily
Condition of the land:soft wavy land
Daily distances:3 km.Humidity average: 85%
Temperature average:30 degrees centigrade
Groupsize2 pax minimum and 12 people maximum

2 Days – 1 Night

A paradise for the lovers of nature, our station base is located in the Laguna del Tigre National Park, at the banks of San Pedro River and near the Sacluc stream.

With an abundant wildlife such as spider monkeys and howler monkeys (saraguate), occasionally tapirs, crocodiles, and a great variety of birds, among those we can mention the scarlet macaw, toucans, blue herons, parakeets, and many more…

We visit: Paso Caballos Community El Perú archaeological site San Pedro River


Day 1:

Arrival to the community of Paso Caballos, we will board a boat that will carry us through the San Pedro River to the EBG (aprox.30 minutes).You will be received by the EBG staff and they will give an introduction on the activities of the station, solid waste management, research programs, conservation and social projection. (Approx. 1 hour).

Lunch2:30 the research program of the butterflies of the EBG starts with duration of 2 hrs approximately.16:30 hrs, Jungle Trek: The walking trails starts where you will learn about plants and their uses in traditional medicine, food and timber, the tour ends in the Scarlet Macaw’s lookout, where we can watch the sunset and a breathtaking view of the San Pedro river and the largest wetland in Mesoamerica.

Nighttime Aquatic excursion: Explores the stream Sacluc, our experienced guide accompanies us for the nighttime aquatic tour. With the support of a flashlight, our guide illuminates the nighttime creatures that live here, including the crocodile petenero ( Cocodrylus moreletii ), bats, birds and more.

Dinner: Time to share with the staff of the EBG.

Day 2:

6:00 am. Breakfast

7:00 am. We will board our boat for a tour to the archaeological site El Peru, where we will visit the archaeological complex and the monkey’s lookout.

During the trip we will enjoy this fantastic landscape and wildlife of the biological station and El Peru Archaeological Site.13:00 Back to the EBG


After lunch we will aboard the boat at Rio San Pedro towards Paso Caballos.From Paso Caballos we will take the minibus to your hotel.

Thanks for your visit!

Ask to your travel planner about our travel insurance choices.

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