Jungle Tours Guatemala

We design tailor made adventure expeditions and jungle treks in Guatemala, from day excursions to multi-day itineraries, intended to match the most demanded targets of the daring travelers.

Our jungle trips are perfect for individuals and small groups, naturalist and bird watchers; from the most adventurer to those desiring to experience nature or an introduction to the secrets of the Mayan rainforest.

Select from our some day excursions and trips or use it as one example vacation plans to create your personal Guatemala jungle tour. All trips length is adaptable based on your Program and price range.

Within our multi day adventure tours, the lodging available in hammocks or camping tents in jungle treks and from 3 stars to high-end hotels in adventure tours.

Make sure you get in touch with us at info@martsam.com for rates and additional details about jungle tour deals.

Ceibal - Aguateca - Dos Pilas

Ceibal - Aguateca - Dos Pilas Jungle Tour

Ceibal - Aguateca - Dos Pilas Jungle Tour Aguateca is a Mayan city from the late Classic Period, which is
3 days
yaxha mini

Yaxha Nakum Jungle Trek

Yaxha Nakum Jungle Trek Feel the nature, live out the culture The park is a refuge that allows the visitor
estacion mini

El Peru Adventure Tour

El Peru Adventure Tour Laguna del Tigre - Las Guacamayas Biological Station Sanctuary of the flying fire Laguna del Tigre
2 days
aguateca mini

Ceibal Aguateca

Ceibal Aguateca Ancient Maya Fortress The presence of great numbers of Ceiba trees in the area has given the name

Las Guacamayas Biological Station

3 days and two-night jungle adventure, especially for nature
3 days

Yaxha Nakum Tikal Jungle Trek

Yaxha Nakum Tikal Jungle Trek Jungle trek visiting Yaxha, Nakum and Tikal, three amazing archaeological areas, all of them surrounded
3 days

El Mirador Jungle Trek

El Mirador Jungle Trek Five days’ jungle adventure towards the lost Maya city of El Mirador, Unique rainforest, fantastic sunrises,
5 days

El Zotz - Tikal Jungle Tour

El Zotz - Tikal Jungle Tour A fantastic three days and two-night community jungle tour, visiting, the Protected Biotope El
3 days