Cultural Tours Guatemala

Guatemala is easily the most radiant cultural vacation destination in Central America with 22 diverse ethnical groups with its indigenous markets, crafts, shamanic rituals, and delightful scenery.

This remarkable region inhabits distinctive native groups with genuine cultural and language heritage; ethnic communities with their customs, culture, and identity; descendants of Maya people who even now maintain the traditions and customs, loaded with vibrant folklore which is expressed in their religious beliefs, music, dance, food, and feasts.

These customs offer an excellent possibility to uncover and enjoy an anthropological expedition in Guatemala making your holiday a fantastic experience filled with color, traditions, and adventure.

Go ahead and contact us, a specialized travel advisor will assist you in exploring the possibility to suit your trip with the fantastic folk fests of Guatemala.

Cultural Tours

Guatemala Cultural

A short break to enjoy the best destinations located in the highlands of Guatemala, a cultural adventure tour package that
6 days

Guatemala Highlights

This 8 days’ tour offers the best of Guatemala, driving through incredibly colorful landscapes: visit ruins, churches and museums, meet
8 Days

Maya Treasures

An active cultural adventure through incredibly colorful landscapes, villages
11 days

Guatemala & Belize

This is a phenomenal 12 days’ tour that will give you the opportunity to explore amazing cultural and natural destinations
12 Days