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 The Birds of Guatemala Lowlands

The Birds of Guatemala Lowlands

Guatemala Birding Tour Package

9 Days Guatemala Birding Itinerary

This birding tour package is a 9-day expedition through the Maya Lowlands of Guatemala, visiting interesting destinations located within the province of Peten.

During this birding tour, you will visit Las Guacamayas Station, located on the banks of the San Pedro River within the most extensive wetlands in Central America. This vital wildlife refuge is part of the Laguna del Tigre park.

Also, you will go to Tikal National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site declared due to the importance of its natural and cultural resources. The park is home to more than 400 birds, two species of monkeys, the howler and the spider, and much more.

In addition to the natural experience, you will enjoy the visit to the capital of the Mayan world, where you will discover the enigmatic history of the Mayan civilization.


  • Highlights: Agami Heron | Orange – breasted Falcon | Ocellated Turkey| Yucatan Flycatcher | Ornate Hawk-Eagle | Rose-throated Tanager|Rose-throated Tanager | Great Curassow | Mealy Parrot | Slaty-tailed Trogon
  • Activities: Birding – Photography
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Holiday Type: Birding Expedition
  • You will visit: Guatemala
  • Trip Style: Couples – Small Groups – Couples – FIT’s
  • Comfort level: Standard
  • Transportation: Minibus / Boat
  • Length: 9Days / 8Nights
  • Physical demand: The trip may include activities like walks and boat rides


  •     Day 1: Arrival – Flight to Flores
  •     Day 2: Las Guacamayas Biological Station
  •     Day 3: El Peru Park and Las Guacamayas Biological Station
  •     Day 4: Las Guacamayas – Tikal National Park
  •     Day 5: Tikal Full day
  •     Day 6: Yaxha National Park – Guatemala City – Antigua Guatemala
  •     Day 7: Antigua Guatemala
  •     Day 8: Tecpan & Iximche Archaeological Site
  •     Day 9: Back Home

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    The Birds of Guatemala LowlandsDay by Day Itinerary


    Day 1: Flight to Flores

    17:15 HRS. Domestic flight from Guatemala City to Flores

    18:00 HRS. Meet & greet at Flores airport and transfer to your hotel (15 minutes)

    Dinner and lodging at Hotel in Flores

    Note: You should arrive at Guatemala International Airport by 14:00 hrs. to take a domestic flight to Flores at 17:15 hrs.

    Day 2: Las Guacamayas Biological Station

    Enjoy this fascinating birding tour in the Scarlet Macaw´s sanctuary and prepare to discover the natural world of more than 260 species of resident birds.

    With abundant wildlife such as spider and howler monkeys (saraguate), occasionally tapirs, crocodiles, and many birds, we can mention the scarlet macaw, toucans, blue herons, parakeets, and many more.

    6:00 am. Leave from Flores and continue for approximately 3 – 6 hrs.  The whole road proposes an excellent birding opportunity.

    Here you can watch some birds in open areas, secondary forests, and ponds, such as Flycatchers, Hawks, Herons, and Kingfishers.

    Arrival to the community of Paso Caballos. Here you will board a boat that will carry us through the San Pedro River toward Las Guacamayas Biological Station (aprox.20 minutes).

    Birding on the route, we can find species such as Herons, Kingfishers, Limpkin, Parrots, Grey-necked Wood-rail, Northern Jacana, and many more.

    On your arrival, you will be received by the EBG staff.

    Lunch and afternoon birding tour around the base station ending at Las Guacamayas lookout.

    Dinner and lodging at Las Guacamayas Biological Station

    Day 3: El Peru Archaeological Site

    6:00 am. Time for breakfast. Then you will board a boat for a birding tour through the San Pedro River and then the archaeological site of El Peru.

    Here you will visit Guatemala’s most important nesting area of the scarlet macaw (Ara Macaw).

    You can find exciting species such as Ocellated Turkey; Bat Falcon; Scarlet Macaw, Black-and-White Owl; Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Lovely Cotinga, Rose-throated Tanager; Green-backed Sparrow, among others.

    Note: Scarlet Macaws are possible to spot from February to May

    Late lunch and rest in the afternoon (Optional artisanal fishing tour in San Pedro River)

    Nighttime aquatic excursion: Explores the stream Sacluc. Our experienced guide accompanies us for the nighttime boat tour.

    With the support of a flashlight, our guide illuminates the nighttime creatures that live here, including the crocodile petenero (Crocodylus moreletii), bats, birds, and more.

    Dinner and Lodging at Las Gucamayas Biological Station

    Day 4: Las Guacamayas / Tikal National Park

    5:00 am. Time for a coffee and birding tour through the biological station

    Breakfast and transfer from EBG to Tikal National Park

    Lunch in El Remate and then continue to Tikal National Park for a Sunset Birding tour

    Dinner and lodging at Tikal National Park

    Day 5: Tikal National Park

    Early birdwatching Tour within Tikal National Park, Tikal is part of the nucleus areas of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, with a high level of conservation activities and research.

    The monuments, remnants of the ancient Maya culture located in the middle of luscious jungles, are ideal places for birdwatching.

    We will find exciting species such as the Ocellated turkey, orange-breasted falcon, Yucatan Jay, Black Catbird, Rose-throated Tanager, Great Curassow, and White-fronted Parrot.

    Also, Mealy Parrot, Crested Eagle, Slaty-tailed Trogon, Keel-billed Toucan, Chestnut-colored Woodpecker, Sulphur-bellied Flycatchers; White-bellied Wren, Montezuma Oropendola, and many hummingbirds, among others.

    During migratory season flocks of warblers, tanagers, and others make this destination a fantastic tropical paradise.

    Day 6: Yaxha National Park / Antigua Guatemala

    After breakfast, transfer to Yaxha National Park. Then You will start our birding tour through the trails and causeways of this fantastic reserve located at the shores of the lake of the same name.

    The forests inside are exceptionally well-preserved. The Yaxha Lagoon is one of the most important water systems in the Maya Biosphere.

    This location in the middle of the tropical rainforest has reported 150 bird species, 40 species of mammals, 14 amphibious, 45 reptiles, and 22 species of fish.

    Here we can find species such as Crane Hawk, Pale-billed Woodpecker, Slaty-tailed Trogon, Sulphur-rumped Flycatcher, Brown Jay, Tawny-crowned Greenlet, Blue Bunting, and many more.

    Afternoon transfer to Flores Airport in Time to take your domestic flight to Guatemala City

    18:30 hrs, flight to Guatemala City

    19:30 hrs, meet & greet at the airport and transfer to Antigua Guatemala (1 hour)

    Dinner in a local restaurant.

    Lodging in Antigua Guatemala.

    Day 7: Antigua Guatemala

    Transfer to San Cristobal el Alto early in the morning to start the birding day tour.

    Breakfast in a local restaurant with stunning views of the volcanoes.

    Then continue birdwatching at Finca El Pilar, located 10 minutes from Antigua. This private area protects habitats ranging from 5000 to 8000 ft in elevation.

    Then continue birdwatching at Finca El Pilar, located 10 minutes from Antigua.

    This private area protects habitats ranging from 5000 to 8000 ft elevation, including dry forest in the lower altitudes and oak-pine and cloud forest at higher elevations.

    Day 8: Tecpan Day Tour

    6:00 am. Departure from Antigua Guatemala toward the Tecpan area

    Breakfast in Tecpan

    Bird watching tour in Tecpan Reserve will find interesting endemic species of the North Central American highlands like the Pink-headed Warbler, Blue-throated Motmot, and Rufous-browed Wren.

    During the migratory (winter) season, you will find Townsend’s, Wilson’s, Black-and-White, Red-faced Warblers, and the resident Slate-throated Redstart, Pink-headed Crescent-chested, and Olive Warbler, as well as Hutton’s Vireo.

    Afternoon tour at Iximche Archaeological site:

    Iximché was a Maya Cakchiquel city founded in 1463, less than a century before the arrival of the Spaniards, which played a decisive role in the Spanish conquest of this region of Guatemala.

    In temperate pine forests, you see the traces of this city.

    Even today, its four ceremonial plazas, with their temples and ball courts, host ceremonies for the Mayan gods.

    Day 9: Back Home

    Transfer to the airport in time to catch your international flight back home.

    End of our services.

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