Antigua Guatemala Villages Tour

Enjoy a tour through the villages around Antigua; where you will learn their history through ruined buildings, live culture and the incomparable view.

In this cultural trip you will visit: San Juan El Obispo (The first bishop in Guatemala founded by Francisco Marroquín), San Pedro Las Huertas, Ciudad Vieja (home of Guatemala’s former second capital, which was buried by an earthquake-triggered mudslide in 1541), experimental Organic Macadamia Farm, Santiago Zamora women´s cooperative and San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

The Santiago Zamora cooperative is a women´s association specially focuses on showing to tourists their local daily activities at home.

The presentations begins with a demonstration of the local textiles you will learn how to form the threads until use the back strap loom and get the final textile.

Learn how to do a cup of coffee from the seed to the cup. Dance local music with the women´s. At the end enjoy a nice local food “pepian” made of many species and they add pork, beef or chicken.

Antigua Guatemala Villages Tour

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