10 days

10 Days: this fascinating tour offers the best of Guatemala, you will discover the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, the paradisiac landscape of lake Atitlan, the colorful market of Chichicastenango and the tropical rainforest that inhabit Tikal and Yaxha Maya sites.

Day 1: Arrival – Antigua

Our team will greet you at La Aurora International Airport and will transfer you to the City of Antigua Guatemala (1 hour).

2 nights of Lodging in Antigua Guatemala.

Day 2: Antigua Guatemala
After breakfast we will visit the ruins and museums, which combined with the old cobbled streets, keep the stories and legends of those colonial times.
Day 3: Chichicastenango (Thursday and Sunday) – Lake Atitlan

After breakfast we begin our trip towards the heart of the Guatemalan highland, driving through incredibly colorful landscapes: indigenous people wearing their typical suits that shepherd their sheep and dairy cows, hillsides planted with vegetables and flowers, towns that have captured our history in the paintings and crafts made by local artists (3 hour).

Here you will enjoy the multicolored market and their traditions. The magic that surrounds the ancient, indigenous commercial process in a mixture of flower scents and incense, turn the event into a magical moment.

In the afternoon we will board our bus and head to Panajachel (1 hour).

1 night of Lodging in Lake Atitlan.

Day 4: Lake Atitlan – Antigua
This morning you will take a scenic boat ride across Lake Atitlan (30min) to the village of San Juan La Laguna where you can visit the women’s textile cooperative to see hand weaving and the natural dye process. Visit the studios / homes of the celebrated naïf painters, and the then continue to the village of Santiago. After lunch (not included) you will continue your tour to the village visiting the Maya God Maximon and learn about the textiles, spiritualism and beliefs of the T’zutujil Maya. After we finish our visit to these magnificent villages you will be transferred to Antigua (2.5 hour).1 night of Lodging in Antigua.
Day 5: Copan – Honduras
7:00 a.m. We will depart for Copan through the east part of the country, through a changing landscape with the mild weather of Antigua and Guatemala City and arriving at dry and warm Chiquimula. We will then head towards El Florido where we will cross the border to enter Honduras and head to our hotel to rest awhile (5 hrs).In the afternoon we will make our tour to Copan, accompanied by our expert guides who will lead us through the ceremonial center, the ball court, the hieroglyphic stairway and the Acropolis where you will be astonished by the revelation of one of Copan’s best kept secret: the discovery of the Rosalila Temple, which was hidden for centuries.Lodging in Copan.
Day 6: Quirigua Archaeological Site – Rio Dulce

After breakfast we travel to Izabal Lake, the biggest lake in Guatemala, which is connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the Río Dulce River.

A journey through colorful villages will lead us to the ancient Maya city of Quirigua, located in the department of Izabal, Guatemala. This site is characterized by its great sculptures, considered to be masterpieces of the Maya Culture.

After our tour to Quirigua we will go to Río Dulce (1 hour.)

Lodging in Rio Dulce.

Day 7: Livingstone / Peten
After breakfast we will take the tour on Rio Dulce visiting Castillo de San Felipe de Lara, a fortress built by the Spaniards to protect the merchandise that arrived and left for Spain, and that was coveted by the pirates of the time, also the island of the birds, where we will have the opportunity to take pictures of the birds that live on this island, the Grand Canyon and finally a tour in Livingston a Garifuna village located in the Guatemala Caribbean.After the tour transfer back to Rio Dulce and board our bus and head to Flores Area. A few kilometers from Río Dulce we will find the border for the departments of Izabal and Petén, where you will notice a change in the vegetation with a warm-humid climate. (3.5 hrs).2 nights of Lodging in Flores area.
Day 8: Yaxha Archaeological Site

We will wake up in the heart of the Mayan World. After breakfast we will board our vehicle and we will travel to the Yaxha National Park, where the Survivor series “The Mayan Empire” was filmed.

The Yaxhá archaeological site is located on the banks of the Yaxha lake; here we will walk through their causeways under an exuberant tropical forest, where howling monkeys flood the atmosphere with their howls to impress the females or to move away an intruding male in their flock.

We will climb some temples that are the photographers’ accomplices, as they offer wonderful views. We will conclude the tour in the high part of the temple 216, the highest structure in the place.

Day 9: Tikal National Park

After breakfast we will depart for The Tikal National park where we will have a guided tour through the most important city in the Mayan world, a mixture of nature and archaeology.

Abundant wildlife, the Mayan forest, millennial temples silent witnesses of the birth and splendor as well as of the collapse of one of the most important civilizations on the planet, all this is in our visit to Tikal, The City of the Voices. After the tour we travel to the Mundo Maya International Airport, to take our flight to Guatemala City.

1 night of Lodging in Guatemala City.

Day 10: Back Home

Transportation to the airport. Your adventure in the Country of the Eternal Spring finishes.

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HighlightsAntigua Guatemala, Chichicastenango, Lake Atitlan, Copan, Livingstone, Tikal National Park

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