3 days

Ceibal – Aguateca – Dos Pilas Jungle Tour

Aguateca is a Mayan city from the late Classic Period, which is located in the upper part of the Petexbatun slope, at a strategic point protected by ravines and cliffs that complicated the access, and protected it from invasions and attacks.

The city has more than 700 buildings and 11 of them have currently been restored. In Aguateca you can observe an artificial rock bridge crossing the natural fissure that divides the site, which remains solid and has been in use since the original occupation of the city

Amid ravines and rainforest stands Aguateca, where there is evidence of surprising abandonment of the city and important discoveries related to the Maya civilization collapse.

Aguateca has a viewpoint with amazing landscapes over the Petexbatun River and lagoon.


  • Round trip land Transportation
  • 2 nights of lodging in camping site
  • All meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners purified water)
  • Communitarian tour guide (don’t speak English)
  • Boat transportation
  • Horses to ride to Dos Pilas
  • Entrance fee
  • First aid kit

Ceibal - Aguateca - Dos Pilas Jungle Tour

Additional information

Route:Mixed, first part in vehicle 4×4, by boat, by horse and walks
Characteristic of the traveler:People with good physical condition accustomed to walk more or less 3 hours daily
Condition of the land:Land with slope and wavy
Daily distances:1st. DAY 10 km. 2nd. DAY 24 Km. by horse, 3rd. DAY 6 km.
Humidity average:85%
Temperatura average:30 degrees
Groupsize2 pax minimum and 12 people maximum

3 Days – 2 Nights:

An adventure trip enjoying rivers and streams, Mayan cities, steleae with impressive art, all this surrounded by one of the most beautiful forest of the region. The river’s trip invites us to wake up the adventurous spirit, open your eyes to be able to see the crocodiles and families of turtles taking the sun in an old trunk.

Variety of aquatic birds waiting secretly for the first fish that can be easy prey, indigenous communities lost in the back of the snake-like rivers, children greeting the travelers, this and many more in three days of adventure in this world of the green mystery.

We Visit: Sayaxche Ceibal National Park Archaeological site of Aguateca Archaeological site of Dos Pilas La Pasión River Community of Paso Caribe


Day 1

8:00 a.m. Departure time. We pick you up at your hotel in Flores in a minibus.8:30 a.m. arrival at Sayaxche (65 km or 40 miles from Flores) Boat transfer to Ceibal, about 1 hour.10:30 a.m. Walking tour of Ceibal Archaeological site, with a local expert guide in flora & fauna, and archaeology.Box lunch at the site. In the afternoon, departure to Aguateca by boat – about 2 hours. Set up camp in Aguateca archaeological site. Dinner at Aguateca Good night

Day 2

Sunrise in the jungle.Breakfast at Aguateca. Boat ride to Paso Caribe (half an hour) Trekking to Dos Pilas (12 kms or 7.5 miles) for about 2 hours explore the archaeological site of Dos Pilas. Lunch on route in the afternoon, return along the same route back to campsite at Aguateca, dinner at Aguateca good night.

Day 3

Sunrise at the jungle. Breakfast at Aguateca. Walking tour of Aguateca archaeological site. Lunch, 2 p.m. departure back to Sayaxche by boat, 4 p.m. land transfer on minibus back to your hotel in Santa Elena or Flores.

    Ceibal - Aguateca - Dos Pilas