Yaxha Nakum Jungle Trek
Feel the nature, live out the culture

The park is a refuge that allows the visitor to enjoy a balanced combination of pre-Hispanic cultural patrimony and biodiversity.

Due to the presence of impressive lagoons and wetlands that are of the main migratory birds’ routes, the park has been recognized as a wetland of worldwide importance.

The Yaxha and Sacnab lagoons can be seen from the top of several archaeological monuments, giving the area a unique scenic beauty.

In the area, there are four main cities:


They played a very important role in the social and political organization of the Central Lowlands during more than 1,500 years.

It is possible to visit the three first cities, with Yaxha being the most accessible one, and from where you may begin the park’s visit.


  • Private transportation and professional chauffeur
  • 1 nights of lodging in camp sites (includes hammocks, mosquito nets and blankets)
  • All meals (1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, purified water)
  • Trip according to the program
  • Communitarian guide and support during the whole journey (don’t speak English)
  • First aids kit
  • Entrance to Nakum National Park
  • Entrance to Yaxha National Park

Yaxha Nakum Jungle Trek

Additional information

Route:Mixed, first part in vehicle, walks
Characteristics of the traveler:People with excellent physical condition
Condition of the land:soft wavy land
Daily distances:20 Km. (5 hrs. Approximately)
Humidity average:85%
Temperature average:35 degrees
Groupsize2 pax minimum and 12 people maximum

Yaxha – Nakum – Adventure Tour

2 days-1 nights

This fantastic adventure starts visiting the third largest Maya City after El Mirador and Tikal, Yaxha that is located on the shore of a lake with the same name, it holds about 500 excavated structures, connected by causeways and trails under a green tropical forest. In 2006, Survivor Guatemala, one of the well-known survival contests, was held at this archaeological site.

Then we continue to Nakum, located 17 km (11 miles) north of Yaxha.  Nakum´s visible architecture is the main attraction of this Maya site surrounded by dense tropical forest. Here you will find the best preserved and restored crest structure (above the temples) outside of what you can see in Tikal.

We visit: Yaxha national Park and Nakum archaeological site


Day one

Departure time: 8:00 a. m.  We pick you up at your hotel.

Arrival at Yaxhá National Park: 9:00 a.m. (80 km away from Flores)

Jungle walk to Nakum: We will be toured by a local guide expert in Flora and Fauna. The walk is 17 km far i.e. 4 hours to Nakum site.

Country style lunch: We will have lunch on the way to Nakum.

Prepare Camp: After lunch we will set up our hammocks and camp so we can rest for a little while.

Surrounding exploration: Before sunset we will visit the archeological site of Nakum.

Dinner: Will be served at Nakum camp site.

Good night.

Day two

Jungle morning wake up call.

Breakfast: will be served at Nakum site.

After breakfast we will start our walk back to Yaxhá National Park.

Lunch will served at the shore of the lake Yaxhá.

After lunch we will explore the archaeological site and see the sunset from the top of the temple 216.

Return to your hotel: After sunset we will board our minibus and head back to your hotel in Flores or Santa Elena.

NOTE: Ask your travel planner about our travel insurance choices

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